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Online Drama

Online Drama

Lighting is a powerful weapon for creating dramatic emphasis in a room, whether you are looking for something direct or indirect. Some rooms look great with direct light shining in particular areas of the room, while others benefit much more from indirect one in order to create drama. The formula for drama can be found in indirect lighting in the following rooms and situations:

Media Room

The media room is a perfect example of a room that benefits from the drama of indirect lighting, especially if you are using a theater theme in your media room. Recessed lights that run down the side of the ceiling look great, and they offer indirect light in the room so that no glare shines on the television. This makes watching movies and television and playing video games much more enjoyable. Rope lights are also a great option, offering just enough flow to see without worrying about glare.

Lights that pivot are another excellent choice if recessed or rope lighting does not suit your decor. Recessed lights are a very modern addition, and they may not suit all decor styles, so pivoting lights are available to ensure that lighting is indirect, but the lighting fixture and style still coordinate. Pivot the lights at an angle that shines away from the television, but also in a different direction than the seating arrangement, to avoid shining the lights directly into someone's face.

Living Room

Similar to or in place of your media room, your living room should be considered another great place for indirect lighting as a dramatic effect. Again, the lighting should face somewhere other than the primary seating arrangement and television screen, but still offer enough light to be able to see the objects in the room. Indirect light does not have to mean dim light, just light directed at something other than the focal points in the room.

Lamps and wall sconces are a great option for indirect light in the living room, or overhead lights with a dimmer switch feature. This way, you have the option of direct light when you want it, or indirect light for a more casual and laid back atmosphere. A dimmer switch is a great mood setter, especially if you want to watch movies or television, by yourself or as family together time.


Sometimes, indirect light works great for the bathroom. The vanity should be the only source of direct light in this space, so that you can see to shave or apply makeup, and the rest of the lighting can come from indirect forms. Both the bathroom and the kitchen look great with recessed lighting, and this is a very modern and stylish approach to indirect lighting as the formula for drama.

You can add wall sconces and similar lighting to the bathroom, especially near the tub area, to ensure that there is adequate light to see in the shower, but not so much as to disturb the calming energy in the bathroom. This way, you can maximize the potential of the bathroom's positive chi flow.

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